Smooga Playground Barriers and Zoners

Smooga wall is created by using interlocking smooga panels. Each panel is 1000mm long and comes in either green or blue. When connected the panels form a robust barrier to help create individual zones, walkways or dedicated play spaces. 

Each individual barrier panel (base and top) weighs 22kg and are available in sets of 10. 

Smooga Zoners are a great solution to keep either ball games or quiet activities separate from other play in your playground. They can be arranged in any length, shape or formation to form separate play spaces or help create walkways. Available in sets of 12 and in Red Blue or White they are easy to assemble, joining together with a push-fit system and are totally weather proof.

Each barrier weighs 8kg when empty and 28kg when filled with water. (Fill with water when extra stability is required).

Dimensions: (L)1000mm x (W)400mm x (H) 550mm.

Smooga Barrier.jpg
Smooga Zoners 1.jpg
Smooga Zoners-4.jpg