Recycled Plastic Profiles

We have a large range of recycled plastic profiles, all are:


Water Impervious - Will not rot or decay.

Low Maintenance - No treatment or sealing required.

Durable & Long Lasting - High impact resistance.

Natural Look - Aesthetically pleasing in all locations.

Eco-Friendly - Recycled and fully recyclable.

 Smooth Finish & Splinter Free - Safe for all environments.

         Available Sizes Include the following in Brown and Black.


        25 x 75   x 2750mm  

        25 x 150 x 3000mm 

        35 x 100 x 3000mm 

        35 x 100 x 3600mm 

        50 x 100 x 3000mm 

        50 x 125 x 3000mm 

        50 x 150 x 3000mm 


        Please contact us if you require a size not listed or for a price list.